For Adults 18yrs & Older

We are a group of water junkies looking to meet new people, have fun & get fit. Our team members all have different goals...some want the exercise, some want to compete, but all want to improve their strokes and most importantly, have a good time!  Members must be able to swim at least a length of the pool and have some knowledge of swimming.

Summer 2020 we are running our Masters program in South Riding on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30-7:30am at the Meadows Pool. The Summer session starts on June 9th and goes until August 20th.

Whether you haven't been in a pool since high school, just competed your first triathlon or just want to change your exercise routine - we have a lane for you! Come splash around with us... 

US Masters Affiliated

LetSwim Masters is a member of US Masters. Our Local Masters Swim Club is Virginia. As such all of our members must be registered members of USMS to join LetSwim. USMS provides the insurance required by all facilities where we swim. The annual fee for USMS is $60. Please create an account on the US Masters  website and send select LetSwim Masters as your Club.  No one may participate in Masters without this additional membership with USMS. 

Our Practices

Our one hour practices incorporate warm-up, kick set, drill set, main swim set and a cool down.  As such, swimmers are required to have the necessary equipment at each practice.  

Our Coaches

Our Coaching staff have years of competitive swimming experience, coaching and teaching all levels of swimmers.  Some are triathletes, USA Swimming Age Group coaches, collegiate level swimmers and swimming enthusiasts. Each workout is designed to meet the individual needs of each of the specific groups.  Coaches work on improving stroke technique through a series of drills as well as increasing endurance and overall physical fitness.  Each coach will work with their swimmers to meet personal goals as well as those of the group.  


 As a LetSwim Master's swimmer you are able to compete in any USMS sanctioned swim meet.  We often attend local meets and have even hosted a few ourselves.  If you are interested in competing please check out the local swim meet calendar and let your coach know you want to compete.